Top Decorating Tips for Your Breakfast Nook

Regardless of your interior décor style, your breakfast nook should be outstanding and inviting. The right nook will make your mornings cozier. Whether you want to place it in the corner of your kitchen or right at the center of your small dining room, here are top decorating tips that will help your breakfast nook elevate your décor:

Add a pop of color

Your breakfast nook should be a cheerful space as it is where you kick off your mornings. As such, you should not be afraid to play with a mix of colors that will brighten it up.

Complement it with a rug

The right rug will add some much-needed detail to this space. Choose a rug that will bring warmth and coziness to your breakfast spot.

Have fresh flowers

Is there anything more welcoming than the scent of fresh flowers? They will pull you right towards your breakfast area. Additionally, flowers will bring natural beauty inside your home.

If you decorate your breakfast nook in the right way, then it will be the most inviting place inside your home. Do not be afraid to go bold with your décor selection. After all, this area is the perfect representation of your personality. Remember, your breakfast nook can help you ease into the day. You should not be afraid to make it what you want it to be.

Wondering the Difference Between Modern and Contemporary Interior Design Styles_

Growing up, most people believe that modern and contemporary are words that mean the same thing. Even thesaurus confirms that the two are related and can be used interchangeably. It is not the case with interior design. They are two varied styles that are used differently. The similarities are only slight as stipulated by home décor styles.

Here, you will find out the difference between the two designs to help you choose to make your home décor. The differences are also easy to see since they are varied. As you read this article, the main focus is that modern design is entitled to time while contemporary design is not.

Modern Design

Modern design is a very ancient style established by the German and Scandinavian back in the early 21st century. The design has been operational ever since it has no changes over the decades it has passed through. It seems to be stable and doesn’t embrace changes occurring to the lifestyle of human beings.

Most of the design features focus on wooden and earth-friendly elements. It uses a mix of natural ingredients to provide an everlasting feeling and a sense of belonging. The blend of the natural elements comes from materials like stone, wood, and leather.

The design is also inclined to set function. The features used for the modern design serves a specific purpose to the person using it. Also, the concept has a strict order and follows it to the latter. The format is on minimalism, clean lines, and balance.

Contemporary Design

Contemporary means the latest. It, therefore, focuses on the present times and the current trends in interior design. It is a blend of several elements brought together to form one feature. However, the trends are very dynamic. They change over time; hence they have no timeframe. Most of the features are complete with concrete, steel, and other industrial-based elements.

The designs tend to focus more on its form and aesthetic charm I can have over people. Additionally, the design is also very fluid and is ever-evolving to new styles. You can get curvier furniture than in modern designs to create a sense of living in contemporary times. The design also focuses more on black and white with grey colours.

You can find more information on the two designs from the top leading Tylko in the world of interior design. There is a lot of information about the two designs.


You now have the correct information about the modern and contemporary designs. It would help to make a choice easily to help you decide on what design to use.

Ways to Organize Furniture in Your Living Space

Organizing your living space can be a cathartic activity; nothing sits right like an organized home. Home organization does not always mean minimalism but getting ideas to make the most of your space no matter the size. Are you looking to organize your stuff in a limited space? Here are a few ideas to help you get started;

Floating shelves

Floating shelves as vertical storage are essential for small daily items. Whether you place them along an empty wall or above your bed, they give a room an attractive essence. You can use them for storing random décor like art, organized vignettes, candles, or books. They can save plenty of room in small bedrooms that have limited space.

Get a bed frame with drawers

Storage beds are the best storage hacks for limited space in bedrooms. You can use storage bed drawers as a dresser, storing clothes, files, movie collections, and boxes. Turn an ordinary bed into a platform bed with a few resources and a little creativity to save up space in your bedroom.

Fold-down furniture

Fold down desks are great for space as they can be hidden away and, when in use, occupy a small surface. There are several types of folding furniture; beds, tables, and chairs. A foldable bed can turn into a regular bed or bed bunks. Foldable tables can serve various purposes like dining, entertaining extra guests, or a lamp table. Space-saving chairs can be dismantled and assembled to save space and cost a lot cheaper than regular chairs.

Wall storage

Maximize the capacity storage of your home by acquiring wall storage unit with fully customizable shelves. Shelves will free you up drawer space to store books, shoes, accessories, or jewellery. You can mount magnetic strips or a galvanized steel pegboard system on the wall to store items of a toolbox that takes up too much space. A lightweight accessory organizer packed with hooks will not just store your jewellery but also bathroom accessories.

Rather than storing shoes in boxes and occupying a lot of space, build horizontal shoe racks on wall space to save up space on the floor. Iron pipe shelf brackets will help you customize your shelves with more space for household items. Use a lockable steel cabinet on the wall above your workbench to store chemicals or drugs.